Quick interview with Treasure Fingers

By Ruth Jiang

Treasure Fingers

Renowned Atlanta-based house music producer Treasure Fingers has come a long way since he first started out. Besides being a vital part of the Atlanta music community, Treasure Fingers has been signed to Fool’s Gold Records since before some of your current favorite new producers started using SoundCloud. He continues to innovate through original music, performing, and also doing music behind the scenes work with his label, Psycho Disco Records.

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Happps Hottest Tracks: June 2017

By Ruth Jiang

Hottest Tracks

Another month of summer is coming to an end, and it’s been another month filled with new music.¬†Beyond phenomenal new albums such as Lorde’s “Melodrama” being released into the world in June, here’s some new chill tunes from Boston-based artists ready for your ears to check out as well. Continue reading “Happps Hottest Tracks: June 2017”

Top Albums Coming Out in June

By Ruth Jiang

Top Albums June 2017

Holy crap, hope none of you guys have any plans for June because this month is PACKED with new album releases from everyone you’re a fan of. See below for some details about who’s coming out with what album when, all in the month of June. Better prepare the aux cord and a nice set of headphones and speakers, your ears are going to be kept busy. Continue reading “Top Albums Coming Out in June”