Happps Profile: Q&A with Ned Wellbery, booking manager for The Middle East

By Ruth Jiang

Ned Wellbery
*Photo Credit: Isaac Remsen Photography

Anyone who has ever enjoyed going to shows in Boston will tell you that one of the best independent venues that always has a great list of shows is The Middle East. Known for bringing in both popular and upcoming indie acts, the Middle East has been around for basically forever and is well-loved by college students with a small concert-going budget and music lovers in general. Continue reading “Happps Profile: Q&A with Ned Wellbery, booking manager for The Middle East”

Happps Profile: Nicholas Alexandur

By Ruth Jiang

Nicholas Alexandur

Nicholas Alexandur is a 25 year old, New England-based DJ who has wracked up an insane amount of live performances since 2012. Besides being an outstanding DJ in his own right, known for his mixing skills and blending of open-format and electro/techno style of performing, he will also be a featured DJ at Boston’s next iExperia event. Check out our words with him below to learn more about what a DJ with over 1,000 live performances under his belt has to share. Continue reading “Happps Profile: Nicholas Alexandur”

iExperia Interview With Eric Spicuzza

By Ruth Jiang


iExperia’s Boston event is just around the corner (happening this week! September 23rd! House of Blues!!) and Happps got to ask Eric Spicuzza, director of iExperia some questions recently. Check out our words with him below to learn more about what happens beneath the polished, vibrant surface of iExperia from someone who deals directly with making each iExperia event a memorable experience. Continue reading “iExperia Interview With Eric Spicuzza”

Happps Artist Profile: Uncle Bob

By Ruth Jiang

Uncle Bob

Being a regular at Wonder Bar, Middle East, and various venues around the Boston area, DJ Uncle Bob makes up a decent part of the Boston music scene. This month, we were able to get in some words with him which you can check out below. Continue reading “Happps Artist Profile: Uncle Bob”

Happps Profile: The Stew Beat Showcase

By Ruth Jiang

The Stew Beat Showcase

If you’re in Boston at any point in time that the Stew Beat Showcase has a beat battle, you must check it out. This Boston-founded music producer beat battle association boasts that it’s “Not Your Average Beat Battle!” Continue reading “Happps Profile: The Stew Beat Showcase”