Happps Artist Profile: Commerce

By Angela Bray

Originally from Brooklyn where he was influenced by warehouse parties and the underground music scene, Commerce has been making a name for himself here in Boston. After graduating the Mmmmaven DJ school in Cambridge, he pursued opportunities playing out in local clubs and made his way on to the nationally touring iExperia show. Get familiar as he works his way through his music career, building up on live performances and original productions.

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Happps Artist Profile: Nu.F.O.

By Angela Bray

Whether you’re into electro, drum & bass, rock, pop, or hip-hop, you’ll find some of what you’re looking for in Nu.F.O.’s sound. The producer/vocalist/performer Boston-based duo takes influence from all over and create what they can call their own. Electronic and rock? Drum & bass and pop? Done and done. Maybe you’ve seen them locally at a club or concert venue like House of Blues, or perhaps you’ve been following their travels on the iExperia tour. Either way, check this interview to get familiar with Moses and Eric, the faces behind Nu.F.O.

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Joe Bermudez On First Album, New Ginza At Night

By Angela Bray

Many are familiar with Boston-based DJ/producer Joe Bermudez from his club and festival gigs, others from his Mass Movement radio show. If you haven’t seen him live, maybe you’ve heard his work with artists like Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and Rihanna.

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Happps Artist Profile: 4LMNTZ

By Angela Bray

Influenced by artists like The Bloody Beetroots, The Prodigy, and Excision (to name a few), 4LMNTZ works his rock roots into harder electro styles. His networking and social media skills, in addition to his skills as an artist, have only helped to open up opportunities to grow on shows with major crews and notable artists. To say 4LMNTZ has built a loyal following is accurate, and can be backed up with the fact he just won our contest for the next featured Boston artist!

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