How Do You Really Show Support In The Music Scene?

By Nick Hailer

“Support” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. People are creating content at an unprecedented level and music maybe the prime example of this. The ability to create and share music with mass amounts of people has never been easier or more accessible than now with sites Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp, and using platforms like Facebook and Twitter as a means of promotion and personal connection with fans. However, there is now of influx of things that people want you to “Support” and the very definition is becoming more and more vague.

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Why Happps Needs To Happen!

By Nick Hailer

There have been too many nights, where music fans have spent a night inside because they couldn’t think of anything to do, while awesome parties are happening right in there city. There have been too many times talented artists have gone unnoticed in their own town and can’t find a place to go out and play. There have been too many hardworking promoters that have put everything they had into putting on a show, and have no one show up because people had no idea it was happening.

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Happps Artist Profile: SCRVP

By Nick Hailer

How did you first get into electronic music production and DJing?

SCRVP: DJing has been a passion of mine since I was young. The love for music ran in my family and I picked up DJing at the age of 10. After DJing in the scene in my city after high school , I would spend a lot of money buying DJ Edits and remixes to keep my crates fresh. I got tired of buying so I installed Ableton and started making my own. One day I heard “Original Don” by Flosstradamus and I was hooked. Best thing that could have happened to me.

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Happps Artist Profile: JakK’d

By Nick Hailer

How do you go about putting together your mixes and performing live? What do you look for tracks to play that fit in with and set up your songs? What kind of vibe do you want to set?

Panama Jak: For performing live, we both dig out tracks in our own time and we just wing it from there. We haven’t actually fully planned a set together ever and I believe it’s working out perfectly for us.

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Happps Artist Profile: Godoii & Davvid

By Angela Bray

Taking a look around at Boston’s DJ scene, there are so many artists who have been in the game for a bit and still remaining relevant, and there are new ones popping up and making a mark. One duo coming to mind? Godoii & Davvid. The two BU students double as DJs, putting their spare time into working on their music project. Read more to get familiar with the two and their goals, challenges, and how they scored a pretty exciting gig!

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