Happps Artist Profile: Ju Lee

By Angela Bray

Originally from Brazil, Ju Lee settled in the US for good in 2006. About three years later, she got into DJ’ing and worked her hobby into a profession. From clubs, to raves, to after-hours spots, Ju Lee is on point when it comes to catering energetic sets to varied crowd familiarity and preference. Check out this interview to find out who helped her learn, what she thinks about the term “EDM”, and why she decided to advance her career without a manager.

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Happps Artist Profile: DJ Parallax

By Angela Bray

From the East Coast, to Canada, to Europe, DJ Parallax has been a growing presence in the rave and club scenes for 17 years and counting. Being affiliated with a number of reputable crews and having played with legends like Todd Edwards and Phat Fingerz, Parallax has been able to experience different circuits and watch the progression of the New England dance scene since he started out in the 90’s.

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Behind The Party With Aaron Roy of Beandream Productions

What’s the craziest thing you have seen at one of your parties?

Has to be at Randy Boyer; the guy who rented out his dj gear to me that night (worth about 7k) was nowhere to be found after the event was over. Luckily, he is a friend of mine so I just packed up the gear and threw it in my trunk. I went to an after party at a friend’s house that everyone usually ends up after Binary. As I was parking I saw one of the djs drop off the guy whose equipment I had in my trunk. The guy got out and passed out on a snow bank face first in a t-shirt right in front of my car. The dj who dropped him off said that he had found him in an alley behind Wonder Bar after the show.

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