5 Boston Music Artists To Watch From 2016

By Ruth Jiang

Top 5 Artists

All the music sites are bumpin’ their best artists/albums/songs of the year, but there hasn’t been a single one for really cool Boston artists┬áthat definitely should be on your radar if you have a love for great noteworthy music. Check below to see who we’ve discovered over the year and our reasons for why you should be listening to them! Continue reading “5 Boston Music Artists To Watch From 2016”

Happps Hottest Tracks: November 2016

By Ruth Jiang

Hottest Tracks

New month, new tunes from the Boston area worthy of listening to. Check out these 9 tracks below and send your love to Adam Jensen, Rilla Force, luhx., and more if you’re digging their sound! They won’t disappoint and it’s always important to support artists that come from the city you call home. Continue reading “Happps Hottest Tracks: November 2016”

5 Up and Coming Music Artists of 2016

By Ruth Jiang


Before 2016 comes to a close, Happps is doing a quick roundup of 5 up-and-coming artists who will no doubt be breaking through big time within the next year or so. From pop to hip hop, here’s a list of music artists that are worth checking out, especially if you’re one of those people that likes to hop on an artist “before they became famous”. Continue reading “5 Up and Coming Music Artists of 2016”