Concert review: Hyukoh at The Middle East

By Ruth Jiang


HYUKOH is a South Korean indie rock band and the fact that they were even in Cambridge, Massachusetts this past weekend was a huge deal. The band formed in 2014, and hits like “Wi Ing Wi Ing” and “Comes And Goes” will be incredibly familiar to even the most casual of¬†K-indie listeners. Though they’ve built quite the following in South Korea, making that transition overseas as a non-Western act might not always have stellar results. Continue reading “Concert review: Hyukoh at The Middle East”

Top 5 Boston Venues of 2016

By Ruth Jiang

Top 5 Venues 2016

Alright, the year is finally winding down and as we all reflect back on 2016, Happps has to share their top Boston venues of the year. There’s always a ton of artists passing in and out of Boston– it’s the stop before NYC which means we get a great variety of artists to appeal to every type of music fan that’s in our city. However, the venue that artists perform at is almost just as important as who is performing. Without some of the accessible, student-friendly venues that are scattered throughout Boston and Cambridge, the music experience just wouldn’t be the same. So without further ado, here’s our top five best venues in Boston for 2016, with our reasons for why. Continue reading “Top 5 Boston Venues of 2016”

Geotheory at the Middle East: Show Review

By Ruth Jiang

Geotheory1Photo by Clint Choi

Two weeks ago,¬†Geotheory played a stellar show at the Middle East Upstairs and although the crowd was scattered to say the least, the artists who performed brought something engagingly different with their sets. Continue reading “Geotheory at the Middle East: Show Review”